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Build hope, it helps!!

Hope is a powerful tool yet underestimated.
Hope is the foundation of our civilization. Someone hoped that humans would be able to fly like a bird, would eat cooked food, would move faster than horses, would go to the moon etc. When you create hope and build it, magic is on the way.


 Worry, anxiety and stress

In some situations, our brain becomes a worry-making machine. It creates worries that do not exist or probably will not exist. When we encounter stress, we try to do away with it; by eliminating the cause that is generating it. But what would one do when there is no cause for our stress? How can one remove which does not exist?


Efficiency versus Creativity

Do you want to be more efficient or more creative?

Efficiency relates to the number of goods or services produced while creativity relates to quality.

Being only creative may not produce anything at all whiles being only efficient may not add any further quality to the product we are delivering.

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